Self-doubt is silly, 10 Minutes & THANKS TEACH!
Lady Helena. D0rk.
 I went up to get my biology test back and my professor looked down at it briefly before handing it to me and said "That...was the highest score in the class." I was SO SURE that it was going to be my lowest score and it was my BEST score to date--I don't know what happened! I must've really retained all that information on HIV! ...Hey, the tests only take me 10 minutes so maybe I should be more confident.

History is in the past, But this happened Today, & SO I'm celebrating!
always. I love you always. damageisdone1
 I got a 91 on my history exam. !!! My professor was really dissapointed in my class because some of them...recieved 30-40's but most of them were "fine". YAY. SO happy I did good!

"Leave a message", Um--hey why's your phone off, & OMG R U OK?!

Thing that pisses Sarah off #83: boyfriend turning his cell off without telling Sarah he will be doing that. Sarah is a big worry wart who likes to make herself sick over thinking why his phone is off. His phone is never off. 

Grr. >< Sure, I was in a bad mood this morning but I told him that's why I didn't want to talk to him because I'd snap at him. I called him after class and left a message apologizing. He called me twice after that but I couldn't answer--and now his phone is off! >< ...*worryworry*

UPDATE: Oops. Never mind. Poor baby got turned down for a job and was upset so he turned his phone off and napped. So, not that everything is okay but I'm glad that nothing really bad happened. >, > I worry too much.

d0rk_icons lady

LIES! damageisdone100
I HAD TWO freaking PANIC's today. ONE--found out my summer math class was a NON-CREDIT! course. I rushed over to the nearest lab and prayed there was an opening in the credit course and there WAS. HORRAH. Then I looked at the book and I could've sworn it looked like the one I registed for was ONLINE only---it wasn't . THANK GOD. Too much stress in short period of time.

Fuuka, Yuka, & ...Thomas Jefferson?
 I have been totally addicted to Persona 3. SO MUCH so that I study my ass off so I'm able to play it for a good 2 hours. I'm actually doing just as good in school as I would have been without P3. :> Building social links in the day time and fighting evil-y-ies at night? HOW FREAKING PERFECT!
I ALSO believe I did well on my history test. I'll find out on Tuesday.

Hack, Cough, & Wearing 8 Layers of Clothes

My first day of school I become very ill with a flu that felt like strep throat, bronchitis, and whooping cough. I missed the second day of introduction, and thankfully that was it. I'd never felt my throat hurt so much and I had to walk across campus between classes (it's a 7 minute walk) in below 0 wind chill with winds of 30 to 50 MPH. I'm almost completely better now and working on my homework. Hopefully this is the only time I get sick. I can't afford to do that again--not with these classes.

The way I typed this entry I monotone. NOOO!! I'M FULL OF LIFE! REAWWYY!

...I have a Dev-Art acount if you wanna take a look at it. I can't update that often because of school and the quality can very a lot because I take breaks between pictures so I try to improve before the next one. 

-----> <----- No way you look at it, html just is ugly to look at. Is that weird to say?

Unhooked, Hooked up, and ...UnSHOWERD?!
d0rk_icons lady
I got my heart moniter hooked up. I feel all cyborgish. I CAN'T SHOWER OR WEAR A BRA FOR 24 HOURS! Do you KNOW what this does to me? I NEED to wear a bra and I feel dirty if I don't shower. ;_; 
I finally BEAT Final Fantasy 12. Pretty cool. The final boss was a piece of cake--I had more trouble with the freakin beasts in the tower than I did with him. 
I saw Sweeny Todd. Lord--Alan Rickman is so hot. The Depp was awesome too, and Helena was pretty friggen awesome. GREAT MOVIE. The singing was cool and I thought they all did a great job--Helena did the best for not being a singer. The plot was nice and twisty, but seriously, it was an awesome musical. I'm buying it.

d0rk forever.

I have about...every single expansansion for the Sims2 there is. One day, my computer decided to flash an update for windows, making the Sims shrink down to my taskbar. So I pushed it back on...and it's GLITCHED. I don't know what happened--it got glitched. So I reinstalled them all thinking that would help--nope. One disk, one disk I didn't know which DISK was glitched. I've installed it several times and unistalled it. Now, the last time--I actually had brain functioning active thought and said "Hey...why not only install the first Sims and THEN install the ones you THINK are causing the problem instead of installing ALL of them in order only to UNISTALL every freaking one."

I was nervous...because one of the possible offenders was a disk my boyfriend got me for Christmas! I really hoped it wasn't that one. The other possibility was the Sims2 Seasons, but when I installed everything again except that one--it did it! It freaked out, so I don't think it's that one. I HOPE it's the celebration packet, because I don't really care about that one too much. I've wasted SO much hardrive space after unistalling all this crap.

So which one was it? 

All of them. 

...I wasted at least 20 Gigs just by unistalling and reinstalling those bastards. And I STILL don't know what happened!

Hook Me Up, Breath of Relief, & forget a costume change, Penelo needs a personality revamp.
My doctor wants me to go on a heart moniter for 24 hours--just so he can figure out what kind of early extra heart beat I have. Nothing scary. It's not getting hooked up until the 21st. I'm glad, sort of, that all it was was anxiety attacks.

So what else is knew? I bought FF 12 Revenant Wings. I'm liking it--I don't like that everyone has an unchangeable, pre-specified class but I'm making do.


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